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Friday Evening League Final

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There is still no confirmation as to whether or not we are in the Friday Evening League Final. I have to proceed on the basis that we are - and suffer the disappointment if we are not.

I have decided to pick the team without consulting any other players. That way the flak will all come my way if anyone disagrees with the selection. Eight members are going to be disappointed but six will be very happy - and will do their utmost to bring the trophy back to Met Police.

I have appointed Ken Duncan to the role of Team Manager. He will make sure everyone is there at 5:30pm and has their woods (correctly stickered) on the rink for checking by the umpire (if one is appointed). He will deal with the cards, the drawing for rinks and the toss of the coin. Throughout the game, under the laws of the game he is the only one who can consult or advise players on the green.

The two triples will be:

Lead:   Mick Dix
Two:    Stuart Stamp
Skip:    Paul Stamp

Lead:    Malcolm Mackriell
Two:     Tony Barr
Skip:     Peter McNulty

The two principal reserves will be Ian Hutcheson and Malcolm Alcock.

If they are able to do so, I would like the following to be there with their kit and available to play if called upon:

Roy Dobinson
John Rankin
Stan Matthews
Don Shilling
Brian Mayes

Could those selected as Manager, principal reserves and as players please let me know as soon as possible that they are available should we receive the good news that we are in the Final?

It goes without saying that a host of vociferous supporters on the bank would not go amiss!

Peter McNulty
Aldenham Road
Hertfordshire WD23 2TR

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